Let's make a ring.

Let's make one simple ring.

It is OK if there is 30cm length of Nylon string and four beads.
Add a bead.
First of all, You will through the Nylon string to the beads.
The picture to the right of the photo below,
it is what is called a beads pattern to use when creating the beads.
This beads pattern depicts the same state as in the photos.

This is a state in which add a bead.
Add four beads.
Next, Nylon string passed through the three beads.
It is ready to beads of four passes through the Nylon string.

This is a state in which add four beads.
Cross the Nylon string.
You crossed through the Nylon string from the opposite side of the beads added to last.
Ring is complete.
If you pull to the left and right Nylon string, ring of four bead is completed.
This is the basis of the beads.

The various combinations of this, we will create a motif.

If you change the number of beads, you can various ring.
0001209 Yesterday:0000 today:0001