Privacy Policy

"Wanco Beads" in the section on handling of personal information.

Privacy policy
"Wanco Beads", we work to protect personal information about the appropriate handling of personal information.

Acquired personal information, responding to inquiries, the information used for purposes such as commodities.

Unless you get permission to inform the purpose and use of personal information where disclosure of personal information to third parties, and are not provided.

However, if there is a request for disclosure by public agencies and administrative police, the rights of this Wanco Beads, may harm or damage to goods and services and, if deemed necessary to protect them as long as this not.
"Wanco Beads", Google displays ads.
Google does not collect data for ad delivery Notes, Cookie and Web beacons are used.
The data collected, the history of visited pages, and contains a summary of your attributes and usage summary visited, so that certain information does not include any individual customer.
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