Let's make the Beads ball.

Let's make the beads ball that becomes the basic of 3D beads.
It is a ball to make at the ring of the four beads.
Beads to be used is 12.

Beads ball

Expressed in bead pattern will be as follows.
(Bead pattern is like a blueprint when making a 3D beads.)
Bead pattern of Beads ball

Explain in bead pattern and photos.
The number of beads, 3mm abacus type 12, nylon string is 40cm.

Start from Red Star.
Make in numerical order of the bead pattern.

In () represent the number of ring.
Try to make while confirming the number that is on the ring.

In the case of this ball, it will proceed all so that the number of ring is four.

It is easy to understand when you will paint the color marker to the left and right of the nylon string.
1. Let's start.

First, through the red beads four nylon string and crossed at the end of the bead.
It will so as to intersect at a central portion of the nylon string.
The number of beads that are in a ring at this time, is four (red 4).

Around the ring that is made in step 1, let's all round by one lap the number four ring of beads.





Finish by connecting with black circle.
(See finish).

This bead ball is completed. Cheers for good work.
Did you can well?

Beads ball made with Pearl You can use the natural stone to the beads of material, if changing the color, this alone will be enough beautiful work.
Application work of this beads ball.  Hydrangea
In other. It is also used for tire of  F1.
Even how to make beads ball with a lot of beads, so we put on the "Let's make the Beads ball(step2).", try by all means to challenge.
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