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WancoBeads by poochnavi is a dog information site with a focus on dog cafe "Poochnavi" as a division of beads, opened in May 2007, it is written by Japanese.

Written by english this site opened in AUG 2010.

Introduction of bead work.
Mainly dogs.
Some recipes, Beads pattern is open to the public for a limited time.

Works are all original, one coin-sized (approximately 2cm) There are many cute things.
Profile & Greetings
Bead artist Keisuke Yasuhara and Pet dog's Nico Hello, "WancoBeads", my name is Keisuke Yasuhara.
Thank you for visiting.

I am everything from design beaded publishers.

Only a few years ago, but did not experience any beads, beads that we made a Dog, I was completely fascinated by beads.

The first time you might feel a bit difficult, grained beads gather, is going pretty motif form is fun.

From your first time here, you are good to aim to enjoy the site!

Take this opportunity to, get going and nice touch to the charm of a beaded motif.

Images and text on the homepage
Please do not use images or text without permission and are used on our website.

Secondary distribution of recipes are prohibited.

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<a href="http://poochnavi.com/beads/e/" target="_blank">WancoBeads [3D Beaded Dog]</a>

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"WancoBeads" is the home page.
News and announcements, including updates on.
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Introduction of bead work.
Some recipes, Beads pattern is open to the public for a limited time.
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"WancoBeads" for a description of the site and, as a site map.
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For beginners that are beaded motif classes.
Even though no actual classroom and school on the web and introduce basic techniques of bead motif.
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Introduction of e-book publishing.
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"WancoBeads" in the description about the handling of personal information.

In addition to opinions and requests, and you want to ask,
Feel free to e-mail ( link@poochnavi.com ) please.
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