Living thing(Animals, People)

Animals, people, etc.
Various living things that uses a bead.

Swarovski #5328 are mainly used.
Some pieces use acrylic beads.

It is possible to make it also with pearl,
acrylic bead, and seed bead, etc.

    =Beads pattern is open to the public now!
Cheetah New 12/4 Lesser panda New 11/27 Lion Baby Lion New 12/18 Racoon Fox Otter Mini Otter Giraffe Mini Giraffe Elephant Mini Elephant White Rabbit Cheshire Cat Mini Horse Horse Monkey Wolf Mini Reindeer Reindeer Sheep Mini Pig Wild Boar Piglet Wild Boar Snake Rabbit Tiger Cow Capybara Mouse2 Mouse Cat4 New 11/20 Cat3 Cat2 Cat Bat Racing Driver Santa Claus Alice Soldier of cards(Spades) Soldier of cards(Hearts) Soldier of cards(Diamonds) Soldier of cards(Clubs) Snow White Prince Dwarf Little Red Riding Hood Grandma Hunter
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