Living thing2(Legendary, other)

Legendary creatures, birds, insects, water creatures, etc.
Various living things that uses a bead.

Swarovski #5328 are mainly used.
Some pieces use acrylic beads.

It is possible to make it also with pearl,
acrylic bead, and seed bead, etc.

    =Beads pattern is open to the public now!
Unicorn Mini Unicorn Dragon Mini Dragon Uroboros Shisa2 Shisa Ghost Jack-o'-lantern Swan Eagle New 1/22 Mini Eagle New 1/29 Wild Duck New 1/8 Wild Duck Chick New 1/15 Duck Duckling Penguin Penguin(chick) Owl Budgerigar Chicken Chick Swallow Bee Dragonfly Cicada(small) Cicada Crab Seal Whale Mini Koi Dolphin Goldfish Goldfish(small) Octopus Turtle New 12/25 Frog Frog2 Tadpole Snail Snail(small) Lizard Mini Lizard Crocodile
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