Living thing2(Legendary, other)

Legendary creatures, birds, insects, water creatures, etc.
Various living things that uses a bead.

Swarovski #5328 are mainly used.
Some pieces use acrylic beads.

It is possible to make it also with pearl,
acrylic bead, and seed bead, etc.

Unicorn Mini Unicorn Dragon Mini Dragon Uroboros Shisa2 Shisa Ghost Jack-o'-lantern Swan New 6/26 Duck New 6/12 Duckling New 6/5 Penguin Penguin(chick) Owl Budgerigar Chicken Chick Swallow Bee Dragonfly Cicada(small) Cicada Crab Seal Whale Mini Koi Dolphin Goldfish Goldfish(small) Octopus Frog Frog2 New 5/15 Tadpole Snail Snail(small) Lizard Mini Lizard Crocodile
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