Tennis racket

Beaded Tennis racket

Sparkling and cute beaded Tennis racket

Acrylic beads used.

Beaded Tennis racket Tennis Racket Beading Tennis racket

Beads Abacus3mmLight blue49
Beads Abacus3mmTransparent26
Beads Abacus3mmDeep blue20
Nylon string0.235mm110cm1

Since this work has no finished product with Swarovski Beads.
Please try to make reference to the color of the acrylic beads.

It is possible to make it also with pearl,
genuine stone, swarovski bead, and seed bead, etc.
Open to the public now.
How to make Tennis Racket
Challenge level5
quite difficult.
make from both sides gut surface.
for personal use only.
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