Kai is brave and intelligent.
Temper is tight, but loyal to their families.
Sparkling and cute beaded Kai

Swarovski Bead mainly used.

Beaded Kai Motif Bead Dog Kai Kai
Kai Kai Dog
Chu-tora Kuro-tora Aka-tora Akatora Kuro-tora Chu-tora Coin(2cm in dia.) in Japan and Kai

This dog come out in the movie.

Swarovski bead #53283mmSmoked Topaz67
Swarovski bead #53283mmGarnet21
Swarovski bead #50003mmJet1
BS stone3mm2
Nylon string0.235mm120cm1

It is a hair color called "Aka-tora", to make the material.

"Kuro-tora", Smoked Topaz -> Garnet, Garnet -> Jet
"Chu-tora", Smoked Topaz -> Mocca, Garnet -> Smoked Topaz
Try changing the color.

BS Stone that I have used in the eyes, is a deep blue stone,
such as confining the starry sky.
It is said to bring the best encounter in life.

BS Stone is hard to come by.
If you are not available, use pearl and onyx etc.

How to make, I have introduced in this book.
Dogs of Japan 1
Challenge level3
Ear is a little difficult.
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